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Content And Copywriter.

Glenn Evans – Problem solver. Let me come in and help you with your direct response documents. I have vast experience across a broad spectrum of areas. You have documents and other writing to do and you are holding them back because no one can do them? We are sure to be able to help you.

How will this contribute to you?

I have more than 50 total years of experience. Some of my qualifications follow:

  • 50 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer
  • 40 years’ experience in oil & gas, flowlines, trunk-lines, and test lines
  • 10 years’ experience in engineering projects in refineries and chemical Plants
  • 7 years’ experience in managing various engineering projects.
  • 8 years as:
    • Health, Safety, and Environment
    • Risk Management
    • Manager and implementer of ISO 9001/14001/45001

Why do you care about my experience?

For the past fifty years, I’ve been working on engineering and designing. If you sell equipment we have been your target market.

My team has read your marketing literature. Many of our decisions, both pro, and con, have been based on a study of your marketing materials.

During much of these fifty years, I have been working with industrial products as a paying customer or as a representative for a service team.

How does that make me qualified?

For starters, because of that experience, I know and understand both sides of the equation. Your viewpoint and that of your prospects.

And for the last 8 years, I’ve been expanding into HSE, ISO, and Risk. Also, I have been studying, training, and improving my business-to-business, technical, content and copywriting skills as well.

What does all this mean?  Why is it important… to you?

It means you get a qualified copy and content marketing writer who understands your industry, your products, your services. You get a person who understands what makes your ideal customer tick.

You will have an experienced copywriter who you will not have to look over his shoulder. He is a writer who you don’t need to baby-sit on your project.

I consider my copywriting important. It’s just as important as when I was doing hydraulic calculations and layouts of piping and mechanical equipment that protected my co-workers’ lives and the company’s resources.

It’s just as important, as you consider your business.

Whether writing technical, marketing content (B2B, emails, blogs, articles, case studies, etc.) you get my best work.

Content and copywriting is what I continue to do.

Its importance continues for YOU.

Email me.

Glenn Evans
Freelance copywriter or or

What Others Say About Glenn

“knows that words have precise meanings…”

Once there was a problem with Saudi Aramco not accepting the way a vendor tested a pipeline valve. Glenn wrote a letter to them explaining the test was acceptable; he was successful because words have precise meanings. He explained that the Aramco requirement to carry out an action “as applicable” meant the instruction as given was not a specific requirement. After review, Saudi Aramco agreed.

Arnel Opalec, Lead Piping Engineer, KBR-AMCDE

“…expresses himself clearly…”

Glenn writes as well as anyone I ever met; he is speedy, expresses himself clearly and is usually very accurate. He is needed in our company because such a large part of our business is in sales and this requires letters. We also note that he is congenial and flexible.

Hinan Sarwar, Sales Manager, KEKSA

“…a good listener…”

He is a good listener; he is optimistic and always happy. He is also a guy that you can easily get in touch with. He is friendly and a boss you would like to work with.

Justine Clyde Orozco, Customer Client Relations, KEKSA

“…you laugh with us…”

You are good at getting things done. One thing we like about you is that you find the time to laugh with us.

Santhosh Kumar, Senior Engineer, KEKSA

“…you inspire people…”

I remember you for being a good listener and for providing great advice to your team. Having someone like you supporting your team encourages us to do better and work harder. You are great in solving challenges and you inspire the people around you.

Marc Corpuz, Senior Engineer, KBR-AMCDE